New Reading Comprehension Passages


"City Life and Country Life"
Lexile: 240

"Don't Waste Water"
Lexile: 340

"Enrico Discovers a Globe"
Lexile: 150

"Frogs Have Special Skin"
Lexile: 450

"Hot, Wet, and Muddy"
Lexile: 380

"How Trees Help"
Lexile: 410



1st Grade

"First Grade Chooses a Snack"
Lexile: 430

"From Calf to Camel"
Lexile: 540

"Horses, Carriages, and Wagons"
Lexile: 460

"How Do Apples Get To You?"
Lexile: 450

"Jen's Surprise"
Lexile: 240

"Our House Rules"
Lexile: 180



2nd Grade

Note: Many passages are appropriate for more than one grade level

"Shave Like Daddy"
Lexile: 550

"Attack of the Leftovers"
Lexile: 300 

"Butterflies and Flowers"
Lexile: 500

"Happy Birthday"

Lexile: 590


3rd Grade

"This Is Not My Cat"
Lexile: 660

"Trouble at Reading Railroad"
Lexile: 600

"Snowy Town"
Lexile: 890

"Bread Baking Now and Then"
Lexile: 870



4th Grade

"A Plant Puzzle"
Lexile: 970

"Getting a Car"
Lexile: 890

"The Spookiest Attic"
Lexile: 850

"Going Up a Mountain"
Lexile: 660

Lexile: 700



5th Grade

"The Life Cycle of a Snowman"
Lexile: 1110

"The Canadian Beaver"
Lexile: 1110

"Some Laws are Intolerable"
Lexile: 1070

"A Very Messy Tea Party"
Lexile: 1120

"A Big Birthday Celebration"
Lexile: 1010

"Cicadas: No Ordinary Bugs"
Lexile: 880



6th Grade

"Rhubarb Grows in the Dark"
Lexile: 1020

"She Gets to Go"
Lexile: 850



7th Grade

"The National Guard"
Lexile: 1120

"The Battle of the Bagel"
Lexile: 1120

"Portrait of a Journalist"
Lexile: 830



8th Grade

"Are the Everglades Forever?"
Lexile: 1180

"Black Spring Coffee"
Lexile: 1380

"Coastal Drilling in Sunny California"
Lexile: 1390

"French-Native American Relations in the Great Lakes Region"
Lexile: 1360