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A Duck Out of Water

Passage Duck Out of Water Passage and Question Sheet.pdf

Grade: 4
Lexile Level: 390L
Text Type: Literary
Skill/Strategy: Predicting

Grade: 4
Lexile Level: 390L
Text Type: Literary
Skill/Strategy: Predicting


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All of the passages have been good so far except, "A Duck out of Water". When I checked the answers, I was surprised at what was suggested. The answers to the questions are incorrect. Information from the text does not suggest that Jenny's mother is intelligent on #3 for example, but that she is encouraging. #4 has the answer of "G" and there is no "G". Is it just me?

Thanks for posting. The letters aren't the answers, but they are abbreviations for concepts for skill & strategy definitions. The answers to the multiple choice questions are bold-faced in the answer key. For more information about the abbreviations found in some of our answer keys, you can click here: Skill & Strategy Definitions

Thank you technology, and those behind it.


Today I used this passage for inside/outside circle. It worked great. The students were engaged and they really enjoyed being up and out of their seats. ReadWorks-you Rock!

Very nice

It is a short passage with questions. Great.


Interesting article.

This reading passage was effectively used to reinforce the strategy of predicting. The students were full engaged in the content.
Miriam P.

This passage will help with the state tests coming up next week thanks,
Isabella A.

Thank you so very much for the new science readings. I teach science and it is so hard to find readings the kids will enjoy. You make our job so much easier. Thanks again, Patty Ebert