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Grade: 2
Lexile Level: 710L
Domain: Life Science
Text Type: Literary
Skill/Strategy: Multi Skill/Strategy

This passage also works well as a read-aloud activity for kindergarten and first grade students.

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User Comments

I like the content and length of the passages. The vocabulary and syntax is appropriate. I like that the questions are varied and require the student to find explicit and implicit information.
These passages are great! I have several first grade students who are reading above grade level. I will definitely use these for their reading extension.
I like the second grade passage about Sara the Seagull and am going to try this as an ESL activity for 3rd graders. The vocabulary appears easy enough for the group I will be getting since a number of them know some English.
I think I just found my reading homework for this year and coming years. These look very nice.
I really like the quality of the passages and the diversity of question types. I will certainly use these with my students this year. Thank you!

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