Presidents' Day




"Presidents' Day"
Lexile: 530

"George Washington's Cherry Tree"
Lexile: 300

1st Grade

"Our President Lives in the White House"
Lexile: 350

"Presidents' Day is Here"
Lexile: 440

"The Declaration of Independence"
Lexile: 550

2nd Grade

"President of the United States"
Lexile: 630

"The Three Branches of Government"
Lexile: 740

"Voting and the Law"
Lexile: 730

"Hello Mr. President"
Lexile: 640

3rd - 4th Grade

"U.S. Presidents - George Washington"
Lexile: 780

"U.S. Presidents - Abraham Lincoln"
Lexile: 700

"U.S. Presidents - Andrew Jackson"
Lexile: 720

"U.S. Presidents - Martin Van Buren"
Lexile: 660

"U.S. Presidents - William Henry Harrison & John Tyler"
Lexile: 690

"American Government - Branches of Government"
Lexile: 780

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5th Grade

"World War I & The Great Depression - Excerpts from Franklin D. Roosevelt"
Lexile: 1150 

"World War Two - President Roosevelt Addresses Congress"
Lexile: 1240

"Gettysburg and the Gettysburg Address"
Lexile: 1060

6th Grade

"Climbing Space - Excerpt from John F. Kennedy Speech"
Lexile: 1420

"Renewing America - Excerpt from Bill Clinton"
Lexile: 940

7th Grade

"Working Together for a Better Future - Excerpt from Richard Nixon"
Lexile: 1120

"Power of Americans - Excerpt from Ronald Reagan"
Lexile: 1170

"Letter from Jackie Robinson on Civil Rights"
Lexile: 1070

8th Grade

"Jefferson, Church and State"
Lexile: 1430

"Rosa Parks: 100th Birthday - Excerpt from Barack Obama"
Lexile: 1410

"The Courage to Take Action: Lessons from Rosa Parks - Excerpt from Barack Obama"
Lexile: 1200

9th - 12th Grade

"Role of the President of the United States - Excerpts from the Constitution"
Lexile: 1450

"Different Paths"
Lexile: 1170

"Legacy of the Marchers on Washington - Excerpt from Barack Obama"
Lexile: 1260

"Irish Immigrants"
Lexile: 1300

"Voting Rights Act"
Lexile: 1410