Reading Passages on Social Studies Topics




"Who Is a Good Citizen at School?"
Lexile: 270

"We Are Americans"
Lexile: 160

"Enrico Discovers a Globe"
Lexile: 150

"Getting Water from a Well"
Lexile: 350

"The Pilgrims' Path"
Lexile: 190

"The Liberty Bell"
Lexile: 190


1st Grade

"What is a Law?"
Lexile: 400

"Why Do We Need Rules?"
Lexile: 300

"The Declaration of Independence"
Lexile: 550

"Steamboats and Railroads"
Lexile: 580

"Building a Railroad to Cross the Country"
Lexile: 610

"How Did Pilgrim Children Live?"
Lexile: 440


2nd Grade

"Hello, Mr. President"
Lexile: 640

"Great Americans"
Lexile: 560

"A Great Leader"
Lexile: 900

"Cindy Goes to Salvador"
Lexile: 980


3rd Grade

"A Courtroom in the Classroom"
Lexile: 880

"The Old Stone House"
Lexile: 770

"John Wesley Powell Maps the Grand Canyon"
Lexile: 780

"Oral Histories"
Lexile: 900

"Not Just for When You're Lost"
Lexile: 840

"Bread Baking Now and Then"
Lexile: 870


4th Grade

"Going Up a Mountain"
Lexile: 660

"Reaching for the Sky: A History of Great Buildings"
Lexile: 990

"Native Americans"
Lexile: 870

"Lost on Ellis Island"
Lexile: 790

"How Dorothea Lange and John Steinbeck Captured California"
Lexile: 1050


5th Grade

"Talking Leaves"
Lexile: 760

"The Pueblo Revolt"
Lexile: 1160

"The Two Harriets, Heroines of the Civil War"
Lexile: 920

"Civil Rights on a Bus"
Lexile: 1090

"Native American Settlements"
Lexile: 1250

"The SS Normandie"
Lexile: 990


6th Grade

"Early People in the Central American Land Bridge"
Lexile: 940

"Climbing Space"
Lexile: 1420

"Renewing America"
Lexile: 940

"Wesley Harris: An Account of Escaping Slavery"
Lexile: 970

"Valley Nuts"
Lexile: 1050

"The Allure of Gold"
Lexile: 1010



7th Grade

"An Empire Built on Paper"
Lexile: 1180

"Saicho, Kukai, the Matrix, and the Diamond"
Lexile: 1090

"The Influence of the Arch"
Lexile: 1110

"Letter from Jackie Robinson on Civil Rights"
Lexile: 1070

"Working Together for a Better Future"
Lexile: 1120

"Mapping the West: The Journey of Lewis and Clark"
Lexile: 1090



8th Grade

"Jefferson, Church and State"
Lexile: 1430

"The Astronaut Wives Club"
Lexile: 1110

"An Improbable French Leader in America"
Lexile: 1120 

"The Age of Exploration"
Lexile: 1340

"A Crooked Election"
Lexile: 780

"San Francisco, the City by the Bay"
Lexile: 1300