Reading Passages for Summer Reading



5th Grade Going into 6th Grade

"The Mermaid of Kona, Hawaii"
Lexile: 1010

"Water, Water, Everywhere!"
Lexile: 1010

"The Ecosystem of the Forest"
Lexile: 1000

"The Canadian Beaver"
Lexile: 1110

"Marine Biology"
Lexile: 890

Lexile: 960

"Cicadas: No Ordinary Bugs"
Lexile: 880

"Honey to the Bee"
Lexile: 990

"Blue Lightning"
Lexile: 765

6th Grade Going into 7th Grade

"The Wonders of Flight"
Lexile: 920

"How Soccer Can Help Us Understands Physics"
Lexile: 1060

"The Inside Scoop"
Lexile: 1170

"Lightning and Fire"
Lexile: 1080

"Marine Biology"
Lexile: 890

"The Go-Kart"
Lexile: 1020

"The Tree House"
Lexile: 850

"The Venus Fly Trap"
Lexile: 1200

"Tugboats: Pushers and Pullers"
Lexile: 1140


7th Grade Going into 8th Grade

"Genetic Basis of Butterflies"
Lexile: 1200

"The Boy Who Didn't Want to Catch"
Lexile: 900

"Worldwide Loss of Bees a Growing Concern"
Lexile: 1350

"Halau Hula"
Lexile: 1120

"Across the Lake"
Lexile: 670

"The Sounds of Baseball"
Lexile: 1150

"The Run"
Lexile: 710

Lexile: 800

"The Unknown Hall of Famer"
Lexile: 1220

"Water: A Give and Take"
Lexile: 1050