K-12 Social Studies Articles


"City Life and Country Life"
Lexile: 240

"The Liberty Bell"
Lexile: 190

"A Community of People"
Lexile: 130

"Getting Water from a Well"
Lexile: 350

"The First Americans"
Lexile: 240

1st Grade

"Three Symbols of the United States"
Lexile: 530

"What Is a Memorial?"
Lexile: 530

"Let Freedom Ring"
Lexile: 580

"Learn About Maps"
Lexile: 490

"What Is a Crossing Guard?"
Lexile: 650

2nd Grade

"This Is North America"
Lexile: 650

"Making Butter, Long Ago and Today"
Lexile: 580

"The United States Constitution"
Lexile: 660

"The Three Branches of Government"
Lexile: 740

"How Countries Solve Problems"
Lexile: 540


3rd Grade

"Excerpt from 'Meet the Ologist - Laurel Kendall'"
Lexile: 950

"What's the Big Idea about Anthropology?: Studying Cultures"
Lexile: 740

"The Old Stone House"
Lexile: 770

"Oral Histories"
Lexile: 900


4th Grade

"A New Kind of Library"
Lexile: 790

"Up Close with a Zapotec Urn"
Lexile: 730

"Meet the Ologist - Chuck Spencer"
Lexile: 980

"What's the Big Idea about Archaeology?"
Lexile: 840

5th Grade

"The American Civil War"
Lexile: 1140

"Non-Colonists in the American Revolution"
Lexile: 1000

"Lincoln and the 13th Amendment to End Slavery"
Lexile: 1050

"John Brown's Antislavery Raid"
Lexile: 1130

6th Grade

"The Code of Hammurabi"
Lexile: 1020

"Sojourner Truth, 1864" (Primary Source)
Lexile: 1430

"Where Did King Tut Get His Eyebrows?"
Lexile: 1110

"'A Lincoln Portrait' Narration Transcript"
Lexile: 880


7th Grade

"The Importance of Muhammad Ali [Abridged]"
Lexile: 1140

"Saints, Snakes & Pirates"
Lexile: 1220

"Petra: A Nomadic Beginning"
Lexile: 1200

"Petra: Controlling Trade Routes"
Lexile: 1040


8th Grade

"Analysis of the Declaration of Independence"
Lexile: 1230

"Legend of Ganga-ji"
Lexile: 1220

"Before Jackie: How Strikeout King Satchel Paige Struck Down Jim Crow"
Lexile: 1170

"Frederick Douglass: From Slavery to Freedom"
Lexile: 1240

9th - 10th Grade

"Transcontinental Railroads: Compressing Time and Space"
Lexile: 1300

"Martha Washington Creates the Role of First Lady"
Lexile: 1230

"Excerpt from 'The Fifties': The Affluent Society"
Lexile: 1090

"Coming to America: Ellis Island and New York City"
Lexile: 1330

11th - 12th Grade

"The Doctrine of Discovery, 1493"
Lexile: 2160

"Columbus Reports on His First Voyage, 1493"
Lexile: 1240

"Tomb Figures: Bactrian Camel and Central Asian Groom"
Lexile: 1360

"Internal Security Act of 1950"
Lexile: 1850