K-12th Grade Passages & Question Sets

Photo Credit: William Warby


"Ticktock, Meet this Clock"
Lexile: 120

"Luisa Builds a Model"
Lexile: 180

"How Plastic Is Recycled"
Lexile: 200

"George Washington's Cherry Tree"
Lexile: 300 


1st Grade

"A Great Statue"
Lexile: 450

"Horses, Carriages, and Wagons"
Lexile :460

"Kerry Kangaroo Hops"
Lexile: 330

"Architects Design"
Lexile: 270


2nd Grade

"A Pink Sheep"
Lexile: 410

"The Grey Sheep"
Lexile: 600

"Bobby Get a Doggy"
Lexile: 760

"Sister Problems"
Lexile: 420


3rd Grade

"Magic Tomatoes"
Lexile: 850

"The First Greenmarket in New York City"
Lexile: 750

"The Pool"
Lexile: 700

"Lessons from Fishing"
Lexile: 780


4th Grade

Lexile: 950

"Panning for History"
Lexile: 1040

"Dancing Derek"
Lexile: 900

"The Bird"
Lexile: 810


5th Grade

"The SS Normandie"
​Lexile: 990

"Grandma's House"
Lexile: 700

"Watch for Steady Rocks"
Lexile: 960

"Preparing for a Disaster"
Lexile: 1010

6th Grade

"The Problem Solvers"
Lexile: 900

"The Venus Flytrap"
Lexile: 1200

"The Inside Scoop"
Lexile: 1170


7th Grade

"The Unknown Hall of Famer"
Lexile: 1220

"Saichō, Kūkai, the Matrix, and the Diamond"
Lexile: 1090

"Owen Interstate Wants to Celebrate"​
Lexile: 560

"An Empire Built on Paper"
Lexile: 1180

8th Grade

"A Winter's Drive"
Lexile: 770

"'Seven Minutes of Terror,' Eight Years of Ingenuity"
Lexile: 1260

"Tag! You're Hit!"
Lexile: 1110

"The Astronaut Wives Club"
Lexile: 1110

9th - 12th Grade

"Everyday Energy"
Lexile: 1120

"Grace's Painful Pattern Repeated; See It?"
Lexile: 1160

"Egypt, the Kingdom of Kush, and Mesopotamia"
Lexile: 1310

"Researchers Beginning to Better Understand False Memory Formation"
Lexile: 1270

"Walking Around Town"
Lexile: 1340