Passages with Academic Vocabulary


Passage: "Juan Wants to Build"
Vocabulary: build, idea, point
Lexile: 420

Passage: "Hot, Wet, and Muddy"
Vocabulary: forest, mud, rain
Lexile: 380

Passage: "Harry Hits a Homer"
Vocabulary: baseball, swing
Lexile: 270

Passage: "Paddle a Canoe"
Vocabulary: canoe, handle, paddle
Lexile: 320

1st Grade

Passage: "Whom Does He Look Like?"
Vocabulary: grandma, grandpa, relative
Lexile: 460

Passage: "Why Don't We See Stars in the Daytime?" 
Vocabulary: bright, daytime, star
Lexile: 410

Passage: "My Town's Festival"
Vocabulary: crafts, festival, pie
Lexile: 490

Passage: "All About Money"
Vocabulary: bank, spend
Lexile: 330

2nd Grade

Passage: "The Perfect Sandcastle"
Vocabulary: architect, cube, notice
Lexile: 520

Passage: "Clara and Philip the Turtle"
Vocabulary: confirm, mood
Lexile: 760

Passage: "Macy the Elephant"
Vocabulary: jungle, temperature, trunk
Lexile: 810

Passage: "Sister Problems"
Vocabulary: fault, problem, solve
Lexile: 420

3rd Grade

Passage: "The Same But Different"
Vocabulary: exactly, identical, similar
Lexile: 800

Passage: "Forgetting the Words"
Vocabulary: audience, scene, star
Lexile: 780

Passage: "Looking for a Bear"
Vocabulary: exhibit, model
Lexile: 570

Passage: "Oral Histories" 
Vocabulary: archive, interview, oral
Lexile: 900

4th Grade

Passage: "The Circus Comes to Town"
Vocabulary: popularity, protest
Lexile: 810

Passage: "Going Up a Mountain"
Vocabulary: oxygen, peak, slope
Lexile: 660

Passage: "Backseat Driver"
Vocabulary: approval, permit
Lexile: 670

Passage: "Bats Galore"
Vocabulary: cavern, deposit, formation
Lexile: 1190

5th Grade

Passage: "Some Laws Are Intolerable" 
Vocabulary: intolerable, rebellion 
Lexile: 1070

Passage: "A Big Birthday Celebration"
Vocabulary: festival, lantern, traditional
Lexile: 1010

Passage: "A Kid in a Candy Store" 
Vocabulary: desperate, experience
Lexile: 660

Passage: "The Canadian Beaver"
Vocabulary: prefer, rodent, tourist
Lexile: 1110

6th Grade

Passage: "Alexander Graham Bell"
Vocabulary: communication, patent, transmitter
Lexile: 1070

Passage: "Music Inside of Us"
Vocabulary: afford, talent
Lexile: 550

Passage: "Nothing But Firing"
Vocabulary: authority, reputation, savage
Lexile: 1060

Passage: "The Mountain"
Vocabulary: groom, peak
Lexile: 430

7th Grade

Passage: "A Crooked Election"
Vocabulary: candidate, ideal, moderate
Lexile: 780

Passage: "A Club for Explorers"
Vocabulary: expedition, exploration, member
Lexile: 1100

Passage: "The National Guard" 
Vocabulary: militia, respond, restore
Lexile: 1120

Passage: "Taken by Surprise"
Vocabulary: cavern, sterile
Lexile: 970

8th Grade

Passage: "Becoming a Doctor" 
Vocabulary: evaluate, process
Lexile: 1270

Passage: "The Great Barrier Reef"
Vocabulary: beneficial, diverse, species 
Lexile: 1140

Passage: "The First American"
Vocabulary: campaign, colony, injustice 
Lexile: 1180

Passage: "Time for Jazz"
Vocabulary: improvise, rhythm 
Lexile: 800

9th - 10th Grade

Passage: "The Battle of the Bagel"
Vocabulary: culture, tradition, unique
Lexile: 1120

Passage: "How to Make a Better Robot" 
Vocabulary: brainstorm, incorporate
Lexile: 1140

Passage: "Halau Hula"
Vocabulary: preserve, purify, ritual
Lexile: 1120

Passage: "Grace's Painful Pattern Repeated; See It?" 
Vocabulary: grace, pattern, repeat
Lexile: 1160

11th - 12th Grade

Passage: "Irish Immigrants"
Vocabulary: ancestor, famine, immigrant 
Lexile: 1300

Passage: "Spit for Silk" 
Vocabulary: tedious, textile
Lexile: 1310

Passage: "Forecasting Severe Weather to Communities Helps Them Prepare"
Vocabulary: potential, predict, prepare
Lexile: 1220 

Passage: "New York Buildings "Going Green"
Vocabulary: energy, resource
Lexile: 1210