Summer Reading Passages



Kindergarten Going into 1st Grade

"A Cool Pool"
Lexile: 110

"A Day for Fishing"
Lexile: 290

"Bright as the Sun"
Lexile: 310

"Danish Sees a Cricket"
Lexile: 310

"Lily Makes Lemonade"
Lexile: 380

"Paddle a Canoe"
Lexile: 320

"Why Don't We See Stars in the Daytime?"
Lexile: 410

"Clouds and Rain"
Lexile: 290

"How to Ride a Skateboard"
Lexile: 290

"The Moon Journal"
Lexile: 320


1st Grade Going into 2nd grade

"The Perfect Sandcastle"
Lexile: 520

"Watch Out for Ticks"
Lexile: 460

"A Shell is Great for Protection"
Lexile: 410

"Butterflies and Flowers"
Lexile: 500

"Sarah the Seagull"
Lexile: 720

"Clara and Phillip the Turtle"
Lexile: 760

"Chirping Chip"
Lexile: 450

"Mommy Bird Feeds Her Chicks"
Lexile: 640

"The Wishing Tree"
Lexile: 270

"Carl's Garden Problem"
Lexile: 340