Technology & Engineering Passages



"Ticktock, Meet this Clock"
Lexile: 120

"How Plastic is Recycled"
Lexile: 200

"The Flying Machine"
Lexile: 280

"Getting Water from a Well"
Lexile: 350

"Ben Franklin's Idea"
Lexile: 170

"Edison Tried and Tried Again"
Lexile: 250

"Busy Beavers"
Lexile: 440


1st Grade

"Architects Design"
Lexile: 270

"Safer Sidewalks"
Lexile: 570

"Steamboats and Railroads"
Lexile: 580

Lexile: 680

"How Does a Cell Phone Work?"
Lexile: 400

"People Need Computers"
Lexile: 410

Lexile: 420

"Telephones: Then and Now"
Lexile: 430

"Making Streets Safer"
Lexile: 470

"Helping Drivers See Safely"

"The New Clubhouse"
Lexile: 360

"Who Invented Earmuffs?"
Lexile: 510


2nd Grade

"The Paper Airplane Contest"
Lexile: 680

"The Perfect Sandcastle"
Lexile: 520

"Painting a Bus"
Lexile: 380

"Cindy Goes to Salvador"
Lexile: 980

"Tea with Grandma"
Lexile: 600

3rd Grade

"The Pool"
Lexile: 700

"Li Bing and the Flooding"
Lexile: 780

"A Bit About Buttons"
Lexile: 860

4th Grade

"What is Energy and Where Does It Come From?"
Lexile: 900

"Your Recycled House"
Lexile: 940

5th Grade

"Building a Bridge"
Lexile: 960

"How a Cargo Ship Works"
Lexile: 970

"Solar Absorbers and the Future of Electricity"
Lexile: 870

"Bring in the Beavers!"
Lexile: 950

"I Break Stuff for a Living"
Lexile: 1015

"Tornado Scientists"
Lexile: 940

"Watch for Steady Rocks"
Lexile: 960

"Who Needs a Better Mousetrap?"
Lexile: 990


6th Grade

"The Go-Kart"
Lexile: 1020


"Space Junk"
Lexile: 1100

"Blue Lightning"
Lexile: 765

"The Problem Solvers"
Lexile: 990

"Tugboats: Pushers and Pullers"
Lexile: 1140

"The Mystery of the Whistling Building"
Lexile: 1020

"Louis Braille"
Lexile: 1030

"Alexander Graham Bell"
Lexile: 1070


7th Grade

"Will Human Life on Earth Come to an End?"
Lexile: 1080

"The Secrets of Viking Ships"
Lexile: 1150

8th Grade

"Developing Possible Solutions"
Lexile: 1220

"When the Empire State Building Was New"
Lexile: 1150

"Water on the Earth"
Lexile: 1300

"Solving New York City's Hurricane Problem with Representations"
Lexile: 1310

"Seven Minutes of Terror," Eight Years of Ingenuity" 
Lexile: 1260

"The Cooling from the Warmth of Nature"
Lexile: 1230

"Could the Futuristic Traveling Tube Become a Reality?"
Lexile: 1260

"Using Cellphones and Computers to Transmit Information"
Lexile: 1350

"Tag! You're Hit!"
Lexile: 1110