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"Bright as the Sun"
Lexile: 310

"The Liberty Bell"
Lexile: 190

"Me and My Shadow"
Lexile: 140


1st Grade

"What is the Solar System?"
Lexile: 320 

"A Great Statue" 
Lexile: 450

"Kerry Kangaroo Hops" 
Lexile: 330


2nd Grade

Lexile: 640
Lexile: 520

3rd Grade

"Li Bing and the Flooding"
Lexile: 780

"Oral Histories" 
Lexile: 900

4th Grade

Lexile: 940
"Jam Session"
Lexile: 730

5th Grade

"The Phonograph"


6th Grade

Lexile: 1080
Lexile: 940

7th Grade